Support Soweto Junior School is an entirely volunteer-run nonprofit organization. All funds raised go directly toward the purchase of food to promote the well-being of the young students at Soweto Junior Education Centre in Kibera, Kenya.
The relationship with the school was originally established in 2006 through the work of positively AFRICA, a nonprofit society that supported the school's meal program. Since the folding of positively AFRICA in 2017, the school has struggled to feed the youngsters. The school's dire need for support with food costs has resulted in the launching of Support Soweto Junior School.


Sabine Laubental is the founder of the organization. A retired social worker, she volunteered for 10 years with positively AFRICA, a nonprofit society supporting those living with HIV/AIDS to live with hope and dignity. Within this group, she was actively involved with Soweto Junior's supporting the health of young students and has maintained an ongoing relationship with the school.

Esther Hart served on the Board of positively AFRICA. She maintains the mailing list for Support Soweto Junior School and sends the Newsletters via MailChimp.

Kristen McKeracher is one of our Steering Committee Members. She is an Owner's Rep. Project Manager in construction and has served on the Board of Directors for the Vancouver Island Chapter of the Project Management Institute and on the Executive Committee for the Vancouver Island Construction Association's Young Builders' Network. Her attention to detail and positive attitude will ensure that Support Soweto Junior School will continue to allow the young students to thrive and learn.

Laura Thomson is one of our Steering Committee members. She previously served as a Board Member with positively AFRICA. She was born and raised in Africa (Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, Namibia and Zimbabwe), and has a keen interest in promoting and supporting the students of Soweto Junior Education Centre.

Ron Nye is our webmaster. After retiring from his practice as a psychotherapist, he developed the hobby of designing and producing websites. He previously maintained the positively AFRICA site.


African Partners
Soweto Junior Education Centre is an elementary school located in Kibera, the largest slum in Kenya. 300 children ages 4-12 years attend classes from Kindergarten to Grade 5.

Canadian Partners
Enterprise4Good, based in Calgary, Alberta, has a focus on socially responsible, sustainable projects in Canada and around the world. They have been involved with the school in several initiatives including providing financial support for Covid 19-related expenses. Future activities will include sending groups of volunteers to help with the construction of the school building as well as an income-generating apartment block. Enterprise4Good is the fiscal agent for Support Soweto Junior School. See www.enterprise4good.com for more information.


Our donors are the lifeblood of Support Soweto Junior School. Your generous contributions assist the school in supporting the healthy growth of the students. Your support makes a significant difference in their lives—thank you!

Contact: sabine@supportsowetojuniorschool.org

Support Soweto Junior School
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